Third Day of the Provincial Chapter 2021

The third day of the Provincial Chapter 2021, begun with the office prayer in the morning. The prayer was led by Fr. Kevin Kubi, CSC. After the prayer, everybody gathered in the session room. The Moderators Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC and Br. Prodip Placid Gomes, CSC, led the session. In the very beginning, the Prayer and Community Life Committee presented their reports to the Chapter and Fr. Diganto Chambugong,CSC, read the legislations. After the discussion, the Apostolate/Justice and Peace, presented their legislations to the Chapter. They were presented by Fr. Nitto Ekka, CSC and Deacon Mithu Palma, CSC.

After the tea break the second session started with the reports of Education Committee and legislations read by Fr. Badhon Rozario, CSC. After the discussion the education matters, the Vocation and Formation Committee proceeded with their reports and legislations and they were read by Fr. Gourab Pathang, CSC. After a long discussion, the Finance and Administration committee presented their report to the Chapter and it was read by Fr. Swapan A. Das, CSC. Since the time approached for Holy Eucharist, reports remained for next day.

Just after the session, Holy Eucharist started at 7 p.m in the Chapel of Moreau House extension building. Fr. Anthony Sushanta Gomes, CSC, was the main celebrant, Fr. Lawrence Rebeiro, CSC, was the concelebrant and Deacon Mithu Palma assisted them to the alter. Afterwards, everybody enjoyed an agape meal and happy hour.

Thank God for the good day and his abundant blessing. Praise the Lord for everything.


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