All Bishops

Most Rev. Pierre Dufal, CSC

Apostolic Administrator (1860-1876)

Bishop of Dacca Diocese (1890-1894)

Most Rev. Peter J. Hurth, CSC

Bishop of Dacca Diocese (1894-1909)

Most Rev. Frederick Linneborn, CSC

Bishop of Dacca Diocese (1909-1915)

Most Rev. Joseph Legrand, CSC

Bishop of Dacca Diocese (1916-1929)

Bishop of Dacca Diocese (1929-1945)

Most Rev. Alfred Lapailleur, CSC

Bishop of Chittogong Diocese (1927-1950)

Most Rev. Lawrence L. Graner,CSC

First Archbishop of Dhaka Archdiocese (1950-1967)

First Bengali Archbishop of Dhaka Archdiocese (1967-1977)

Bishop of Chittagong (1952-1968)

Most Rev. Joachim J. Rozario, CSC

First Bengali Bishop of Chittagong Diocese (1968-1994)

Most Rev. Michael A. D'Rozario, CSC

First Bengali Bishop of Khulna Diocese (1970-2005)

Most Rev. Theotonius Gomes, CSC

First Bengali Bishop of Dinajpur (1979-1996) and Auxiliary Bishop of Dhaka Archdiocese (1996-2018)

First Bengali Bishop of Rajshahi (1990-1995), Chittagong (1995-2011) and Fourth Archbishop of Dhaka Archdiocese 2011-2020

Most. Rev. Archbishop Moses M. Costa, CSC

Bishop of Dinajpur (1996-2011) and First Archbishop of Chattogram Diocese (2011-2020)

Most Rev. Ponen Paul Kubi, CSC

First Garo Bishop of Mymensingh Diocese 2006—

Most Rev. Subrato Lawrence Howlader, CSC

> Auxiliary Bishop of Chittogong (2009-2016)
> Bishop of Barishal (2016-2021)
> Archbishop of Chattogram (2021 –