Pastoral Ministries

Holy Cross has Parishes in 7 of the 8 Diocese of Bangladesh and That 10 of the 15 Parishes are in service to minority Tribal Catholics, as befits a missionary oriented Congregation.

Bandarban Parish

Bandarban Parish was founded in 1957 in the Hill Tracts area of Bangladesh.

Bolipara Parish

Bolipara Parish was founded in 1982 but as a Subparish of Thanchi Parish. Now it has nearly become…

Diglakuna Parish

Diglakuna parish is a recent Parish and was a Subparish of Mariamnagar Parish.

Foljana Parish

Foljana Parish is in Rajshahi Diocese. It is our first parish in that Diocese and we began work there in 2017.

Jalchatra Parish

Jalchatra Parish is in the Mymensingh Diocese and Holy Cross has served there now for 60 years.

Khalippur Parish

Khalippur Parish is a recent parish began in 2006 in the Dinajpur Diocese.

Luxmibazar Parish

Luxmibazar Parish is in the heart of old Dhaka city. It was begun in 1868 and was once the Cathedral Parish 

Mariamnagar Parish

Mariamnagar Parish is in the Mymensingh Diocese and was founded in 1939.

Mathbari Parish

Mathbari Parish is in a rural area of the Archdiocese of Dhaka. It was founded in 1925.

Narayanganj Parish

Narayanganj Parish is in a good size city some distance from Dhaka but in the Archdiocese

Padrishibpur Parish

Padrishibpur Parish is an ancient Parish begun in 1764. It is in a rural area of Barisal Diocese

Pirgacha Parish

Pirgacha Parish is in the Mymensingh Diocese and is a break off from Jalchatra Parish but now more…

Radhanagar Parish

Radhanagar Parish was part of Khalippur Parish but is now separate. It is our most recent Parish

Srimangal Parish

Srimangal Parish was begun in 1950 and is a huge parish in the Sylhet Diocese in the Vast Tea-growing…

Thanchi Parish

Thanchi Parish is in a very remote area of the Hill Tracts in the Chittagong Archdiocese.