Vision of formation

The Disciples, gathering around Jesus, listened attentively to him. They saw their Guru how he proclaimed the Kingdom by his words of wisdom and compassionate action; they meditated on everything that saw and heard. They deeply meditated on those and thus gradually they were formed the Guru and later transformed by the Holy Spirit whom the Guru sent. Our Constitution says: “Likewise with our lives in a religious community, we must have formed in us by God’s enablement the living likeness of Jesus Christ. The journey begins before our profession and ends only at our resurrection. We should be created anew to the point where we can say, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me’.”

Moreau Seminary

This is located in old Dhaka. Seminarians enter here for first formation after passing the SSC exam.

Christo Darshan Seminary

Christo Darshan Seminary is located in the community residence on the Notre Dame Campus in Dhaka.

Pabitra Krush Shadhana Griha

This is the Holy Cross Scholasticate situated in Rampura, Dhaka. 

Novitiate Program

Holy Cross Novitiate is located in Sagrdi, Barisal. Here the seminarians, after their initial formation, become novices and…

After a careful process of discernment, scholastics can be admitted by the Superior General to perpetual vows. Perpetual Profession is usually held in the presence of the people of God. A grand celebration is held during this celebration.

We are a congregation of priests and Brothers united together. St, Joseph Province in Bangladesh is the Province of the Holy Cross Brothers. Holy Cross Sisters are separate community but closely tied with us, together we are the “Holy Cross Family”.


After deaconate experience of minimum three months, when competency comes and he proves to be affectively, spiritually and morally mature to assume the responsibilities, a deacon can be ordained a priests. Before ordination a priest must acquire self-knowledge, especially regarding his own strengths, shortcomings and weaknesses.


After ordination a priests must have minimum three years’ experience in the parishes. Then the Provincial can select some for special ministries such as parish ministry, teaching in college or university or major seminary, formation in the seminary, justice and peace, youth ministry etc. These are special calls received from God and according to the needs of the Church and the Province. 


Formation does not end when the seminary life gets over—rather it is a life-long process. Continuing formation involves constant dedication and effort at a spiritual, intellectual, practical and operative renewal that will enable us to grasp and respond to a constantly changing Church and world. We are called respond to the Lord in a process of renewal, a Church that is “at once holy and always in need of purification.”