Spirituality & Charism

Our Founder

Blessed Anthony Basil Moreau is our founder. His Spirituality is expressed as follows:

“ Hope in the Cross of Christ, Trust in Divine Providence, Emphasis on Unity and Communion, Conformity to Christ, and Zeal for Mission. These are the values that characterized Father Moreau’s Christian discipleship and shaped his apostolic priorities, his vision of community life, and his prayer. ”

Blessed Basil Anthony Mary Moreau

The teaching of our founder which continues to motivate us today.

Our Charism

We have the following charisms:

The congregation is God’s work and he will see to our needs and help us to fulfill our mission. We can take risks and be bold because he is with us.

A close and deep brotherhood is essential for us. We do not build alone but together. We foster community life.

There is so much need, so much to be done in the land’s name. We are strongly encouraged to be good workers for the kingdom.


“A charism is a spiritual gift or talent granted by God to the recipient not primarily for his own sake but for the benefit of others ‘in order to perfect the saints for a work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,’ i.e., the Church.”

Our motto

“A motto is a brief statement that summarizes the purpose or beliefs of a family, organization, or individual.”

The motto of our Congregation is:

“The Cross our only hope”

To follow the Lord and to love will bring us to the Cross, but that is our salvation.

The Patroness of our Congregation is Our Lady of Sorrows and the special Patron for Holy Cross priests is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Sacred Heart of Jesus