Rev. Eugene Homrich, CSC remembered in Pirgacha and Jalchatra Parish

With due respect and an ardent spirit of devotion, to pay the ceremonial homage unto the departed soul of Rev. Homrich Eugene, CSC, the founder of Corpus Christi Church, Jalchatra and St. Paul Church, Pirgacha (1992), on 26th July the mournful parishioners of both churches organized a commemoration program at St. Paul Church, Pirgacha, Modhupur where he had been working as a pastor for more than 24 years until his going to his homeland for medical treatment.

Placing floral wreaths at the picture of Rev.  Eugene Homrich, the program began with the Holy Eucharist presided by Rev. Lawrence Rebeiro, CSC, the Parish Priest of St. Paul Church, Pirgacha with the corporation of three Holy Cross Priests namely, Rev. Donel S. Cruze, CSC, Rev. Samir P. Gomes, CSC, Rev. Robert R. Nokrek, CSC. More than 1000 parishioners, sisters, catechists, teachers, hostel students and local people from all walks of life, who were closely acquainted with Fr. Eugene, gathered in the program to mark the day with utmost devotion in both parishes, paying the finest homage to this great missionary who selflessly consumed most of his life for the welfare of indigenous people, more specifically for the Garo tribes.  After the mass, a small reminiscing program was organized where the speakers hailed his great contributions in various fields in Modhupur and shared some touching events allied with Rev. Eugene Homrich.

“Rev. Eugene offered his fervent love to the Mandi Peoples wholeheartedly as compared to how little our gratefulness was!” Rev. Donel S. Cruze, the parish priest of Corpus Christi Church, Jalchatra expressed. Finally, the program ended with the thanksgiving speech of Rev. Lawrence Rebeiro, CSC, who delivered his vote of thanks to all who aided him in various ways to observe the day more meaningfully.

 In addition, on 14th October Rev. James Clement Cruze, CSC, the Provincial Superior of Sacred Heart of Jesus Province visited St. Paul Church and offered a Memorial Mass in remembrance of Rev. Eugene Homrich, where he highlighted the quality of Fr. Eugene’s missionary zeal and stated, “Indeed he will be the glittering stepping stone for our future generation”. Rev. Eugene Homrich Eugene, CSC was born on December 8, 1928 in Muskegon, Mich, USA, worked for 65 years in Bangladesh specially for 62 years with Mandi Peoples and died on July 25, 2020 at Holy Cross House, Indiana, USA. May God give his departed soul eternal rest in Peace!


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