Reception of 10 New Novices (2023-2024), Holy Cross Novitiate, Barishal

On 11 January 2023, a group of 10 new novices arrived at Holy Cross Novitiate. On the same day they were given a cordial reception and the Mass was presided over by Fr. Elias Palma, CSC, the Novice Master. Three of the ten novices namely Bicromoni Michael Tripura of Bandarban Parish, Jonas Barnabas Rozario of  Rangamatia Parish, and Rony David Mankhin of Bhalukapara Parish are from Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, and the other seven novices namely Akash Rozario of Rangamatia Parish, Andrias Das of  Ruhea Parish, Dip Peter Costa of Bonpara Parish, Dipto Pio Peris of Rangamatia Parish, Francis Dip Rozario of Nagari Parish, Jim Martin Costa of Toomilia Parish and Aronno Richard Cruze of Doripara Parish are from St. Joseph Province. Holy Cross Fathers and Brothers, MC, and LHC Sisters were present as guests and witnessed the ceremony.

Thanksgiving and Welcome Ceremony to the Novice Masters: After one year of service at Holy Cross Novitiate, the Novice Master Fr. Elias Palma, CSC had his new assignment as a spiritual director at Sadhana Griha, Rampura, Dhaka, and Fr. Vincent B. Rozario, CSC has been appointed as a new Novice Master at Holy Cross Novitiate, Sagardi, Barishal.

On 1 February 2023 the ceremony of thanksgiving to Fr. Elias Palma, CSC, and of welcoming to Fr. Vincent B. Rozario, CSC was held at Holy Cross Novitiate, Sagardi, Barishal. Outgoing Novice Master Fr. Elias Palma, CSC, Assistant Novice Master Br. Shimul A. Rozario, CSC and all the Novices welcomed the new Novice Master Fr. Vincent B. Rozario, CSC with the traditional rituals including ‘the washing of the feet’, the tying of the rakhi and presenting of the Shwal. Later on the Thanksgiving and Welcoming Mass was presided over by Fr. Elias Palma, CSC. There were many Holy Cross Fathers, Brothers and MC Sisters present in the Thanksgiving and Welcoming Ceremony. During dinner, Most Rev. Immanuel K. Rozario graced the occasion and shared our meal and joy. Canonical Visit to Novitiate by Br. Nee, CSC, the Fourth General Assistant: Bro. Bertrand Nee Wayoe, CSC, Fourth Assistant General made a canonical visit to Holy Cross Novitiate from 1 March 2023 to 3 March 2023. As he arrived at the Novitiate, Br. Nee was warmly welcomed by the Novice Master, the Assistant Novice Master, and the Novices with the traditional rituals including a welcoming dance, the washing of the feet, `Chondon Tilok`, and flower garland. During his visit, Br. Nee met personally with each Novice and also with Novice Master and Assistant Novice Master. On the final day, Novices performed a special cultural program in honor of Br. Nee followed by a peanut party. Br. Nee expressed his deep joy and heartfelt gratitude to the Novice Directors and Novices for their warm welcome and generous hospitality during his canonical visit to the Novitiate.


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