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Notre Dame College Mymensingh is completed nine years of its service since 2014 and 10 years are going on as the prominent educational institution in the Mymensingh Division run by the Congregation of Holy Cross Priests, Bangladesh.  Since its beginning, about 10,000 students completed their educational curriculum at the level of 11-12 grade from this institution.  Gradually this institution is doing its excellence regarding human development, value-based education, and results. Nowadays, this institution is well known all over Bangladesh among the parents and students.

Significant Events – 2023 (January to March) : The Governing Body, Holy Cross Personnel, teachers, staff, and students are delighted to have significant Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) results. Below is the statistics in a nutshell.

HSC Results-2022

Candidates  = 1314

Appeared    = 1311

Passed        = 1292

Percentage  = 98.55%

GPA 5         = 405

GroupCandidatesPassedNot passedGPA 5
Business Studies403735

Admission of First-Year Students (January to March 2023): 1,599 students were admitted in the first year (session: 2022-23) this year. Among them 1,149 in Science, 362 in Humanities, and 88 in Business Studies Group respectively. It may be mentioned here that through interviews of all students and guardians, they were allowed to be admitted into the College. A gorgeous orientation program was successfully organized on 03 February 2023 for first-year students. In this auspicious program, Prof. Md. Habibur Rahman, Inspector of Colleges, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Mymensingh was the Chief Guest on this special occasion. Beside him, Dr. Fr. George Kamal Rozario, CSC, Chairman of Governing Body, and Prof. Fr. Charles Bruce Gordon, CSC, Notre Dame University Bangladesh were special guests too.

The Success of Notre Dame College Mymensing Students: The outgoing students of Notre Dame College Mymensing are witnessing its excellence in different Universities of Bangladesh. They proved their talents and became eligible to be admitted to different renowned Medical Colleges and Public Universities. The following are a few instances:

Name of StudentsRollUniversity
Raisul Islam Siam1222100Rangamati Medical College
Monowarul Islam Sunny1227007Rajshahi Medical College
Parvez Ahmed1227028Dhaka Medical College
Sabbir Ahmed1225093Jessore Medical College

Achievement in Co-curricular activities: The three meritorious students from different groups participated in the event of Bangandhu Historical Speech and Writing Essay competition on this premises on 7 March 2023. We hope for the best that they will be able to get good results in those competitions.


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