Birthday Celebration and Welcome to the Spiritual Director

4 February 2023 is undoubtedly a very significant day for the Scholasticate, because today the scholastics, with utmost joy and festive mood, celebrated the birthday of the Director Fr. Apu Solomon Rozario, CSC. The joy of the day was enhanced by another reason, because Fr. Elias Palma, CSC was given a warm reception in the Scholasticate as the new spiritual director. Along with these two occasions that aroused happiness and elation among the scholastics, a tiny touch of sadness was palpable. They bid the assistant director of the Scholasticate, Fr. Nitto Ekka, CSC, farewell and wished him a blessed future in his new ministry as an assistant parish priest at Holy Cross Church, Luxmibazar. During the Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Elias Palma, CSC shared his homily and put an emphasis on the life of Fr. Apu. A gorgeous cultural program took place soon after the Mess followed by an impressive banquet.

Lectorship of the Scholastics: Six scholastics received their Lectorship on 6 February 2023. They are Mr. Jony Murmu, CSC,  Mr. Mikhel Mardy, CSC, Mr. Nicholas Tripura, CSC,  Mr. Chinmoy Hagidok, CSC, Mr. Sushanta Mahali, CSC and Mr. Titual Chiran, CSC. The Provincial, Fr. George Kamal Rozario, CSC presided over the Mass and spoke a meaningful and inspiring sermon. After the Eucharist, a small and hearty reception program was arranged for them.

Acolyteship Given to the Nine Scholastics: The month of February seems to be filled with salient and momentous occasions. Nine scholastics received the minor order of Acolyteship on 9 February 2023. The ceremony was presided by Most Rev. Theotonius Gomes, CSC, the emeritus auxiliary bishop of Dhaka Catholic Archdiocese. The scholastics being acolyte are Mr. Apurba Hajong, CSC, Mr. Emon Corraya, CSC, Mr. Joachim Biswas, CSC, Mr. Nicholas Ghorami, CSC, Mr. Prince Roy, CSC, Mr. Rajon Mrong, CSC, Mr. Chinmoy Hagidok, CSC, Mr. Sushanta Mahali, CSC and Mr. Titual Chiran, CSC. In this ceremony, Bishop delivered a wonderful homily concerning the importance of Acolytes in the Catholic Church. After the Holy Eucharist, the Acolytes were greeted by flowers and also a joyful program of felicitation was arranged for them.

Renewal of Vows: The renewal of the vows of four Scholasticates will be marked as one of the most memorable days of the year 2023 which took place on 18 March 2023. They are; Mr. Arpon Clement Costa, CSC; Mr. Pritom Fidelis Ritchil, CSC; Mr. Shovo Antoni Rozario, CSC; and Mr. Soikot Palma, CSC, who renewed their vows for another year. This is the first time they have renewed their vows. Fr. Stanley Costa conducted a recollection for them and also the house in general for the spiritual preparation for the renewal of vows.


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